Saturday, April 10, 2010

All Good Things...

It's all been good.  Very good.

Good food.
The gluten-free scene isn't quite up to par at Seagrove Beach, but I was very impressed with the availability of gluten-free pizza from Pizza by the Sea.  The dough was prepackaged and frozen, so I'm not THAT impressed, but at least it was available.  Based on the website claiming "best kid-friendly dining"...we opted to order takeout!

Our best gluten-free dining experiences actually  came from picking up fresh fish at Goatfeather's Seafood Market, and cooking in.

Although Fish Out of Water came in a close second.

Good company.

What a blessing it was for us to enjoy time with the Husband's parents and my mom.  Our short time together left us all wanting just a little bit more.  And isn't that the best way to end family time?

And what a trooper my mom was!  She rented a bike to keep me company on my 11-mile training run.  She called it "role reversal".  After running by my side while I learned to ride my first two-wheeler, it was my turn to run alongside her as she enjoyed riding her beach cruiser.

And of course, 35 mile bike rides, rooftop conversations, and walks along the beach with the most amazing, thoughtful, handsome, best friend a girl could ever ask for just makes any vacation...better than good.

Good scenery.

God's creation is astounding.  Sky, water, and land -- He uses those three things to create an infinite number of artistic experiences for His glory and our enjoyment every single day.  How many combinations can He come up with?
I'm in awe.

Good training.

Miles and miles of beauty in which to run, bike, and play.  The half marathon is two weeks away.  I missed my training partner this week, but Mom did a great job as road crew!
 Good times.

GBud and Alley's Taco Bar - What beach vacation would be complete without a little Mexican fiesta time?  None, according to these California girls!

It was my turn to ride alongside the Husband as he got in his training run.  Some people like to sleep in on their vacations.  I know.  I don't get it either, but it's true.

Good resting.

Okay, so I did very little sitting on the beach, although the beach was only 150 yards from our house, but sitting is not my forte.  I did truly rest.  I did truly "let down", and I know many of you who know me well will be proud of me for that.

But during the times I did sit on the the beach, I saw dolphins breach, I looked at the perfect horizon and was not at all surprised that the people of 1492 thought Columbus was a total freak, and I thanked God for who He is and for His incredible blessings.

But all good things...mmmmmmm.

 But if they have to come to an end, what a good ending.

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