Saturday, June 12, 2010

Too Hot to Cook?

It's 92 degrees in Nashville with a heat index of 100.  I'm not cooking today.  My morning was spent swimming laps and biking 20 miles as the numbers on the thermometer quickly rose to uncomfortable.  Thankfully, my afternoon was spent in a cool movie theater with a friend.  But tonight, there will be no cooking.

The first truly hot day of summer made this the perfect day for something that I've been waiting for all year.

The first peach of summer.
As a Californian, I am a summer fruit kind of girl.  Apples, grapes, and bananas get me through the winter, but as soon as summer hits, I'm ready for peaches, plums, apricots, berries, and nectarines.  To me, nothing screams summer like a juicy peach that sends sweet nectar running from your fist to the crook in your elbow.

Here's a healthy, naturally gluten-free snack to enjoy on a hot summer day.

Summer Peaches and Cottage Cheese

1-2 scoops of cottage cheese
1 sliced peach
fresh mint leaves
1/2 T. sliced almonds

You can even turn it into a dessert by using ice cream instead of cottage cheese.  Now that's a sweet way to celebrate summer.

Enjoy and stay cool.


  1. I lived last summer on peaches, vanilla yogurt, and granola. Our peaches aren't quite ready yet, but when they are.... yeah, baby!

  2. Oh, Karen, you just gave me a great idea for Sunday. :)